The Unknown: The Red Line.

The Red Line: Parts of Their Story

We Partied Like It Was 1999, and It Was
We Missed a Turnoff
Alabama, Drove Through, Stopped Only Once
We Got in Trouble in Alaska
Reading and Drinking in Albuquerque
Scott Had Been Abandoned
Are You my Angel?
Cold Reception in Antartica
Our Anthology Explained
It Is Dawn in Appalachia
The Unknown Should Be Banned
The Articulation is Simple
Ted Turner’s Chauffeur Picked Us Up in Atlanta
We Won a Shit-Load of Awards
Fall at the House of John Barth
Our BBC Interview Was Better Than Our CBC Interview
Our Beanie Babies Got Poems On ‘Em
There Was a Bear in Missouri
William's Disquisition on Irvine, California
Lunch with Michael Bérubé
We Talk Theory w/ Bérubé and Nelson
Will Bleakley Hacked Into the Server
We Had Hit Rock Bottom
Rehab in Boston
A Brochure for Cincinnati
Our Reading Got Bumped At Brown
In Extremis at Brown
The Unknown Starts Using Phrases like “Saving Hypertext”
We Read to a Bunch of Venture Capitalists in Monterey
We Met Charles Bernstein in Buffalo
Some Bullshit Frank Said
William Had Been Acting Strange
William’s Bungie Jumping Mishap
We Read Near Large Bodies of Water in Canada
What Became of Frank
Cars We Drove
We Read on WEFT in Champaign
Chastity, My Ass
What Basically Happened in Chicago
There Was a Language Barrier in China
Dirk Was Under Investigation
Codrescu Interviewed Us on NPR
Mike Drove Like Mad in Colorado
Conspiracy Theory
We Still Haven’t Written the Cookbook
The Unknown, Inc.
What Is To Be Done is What We Are Discussing
Scott Testified Against Barnes & Noble
Somebody's Always Fucking with my Open Road
Scott Does Laundry on the Road
My Sweet Unknown
& Gave Us Bourbon Enemas
Washington D.C.—We Are Propositioned by the CIA
Washington DC—We Are Taken to a Small Airfield
Washington DC—Cormac Takes Us Overseas
Washington DC—Mark Twain
Washington DC—Newt Heard Us on Ollie
Washington DC—Ollie Was Proud of the Hypertext
Washington DC—We Confront Frank About His Secret Life
Washington DC—We Sign Autographs at the D.E.A.
Washington DC—Dinner With the Clintons
Dear Unknown
William is Kerouac in Denver
Krass-Mueller Got Over His Initial Shock and Laughed
The Details of the Barbecue
Dirk Got in a Fist Fight With Denise Levertov
Dirk Will Write Soon
Dirk Sells Out
Dirk Brought Drugs With His Mother
Dirk’s Denials Were Unwelcome in Certain Quarters
The Way Dirk Read
Dirk Was Finally Writing Again
After His Death, Dirk Floated
Dirk’s Student Wanted to Research LSD
We Didn’t Honor Dirk’s Last Wish
Dirk’s Will
Disc Golf at Circle Park in Kanai

Disc Golf: Teeing off a Cliff at Kanai

Disc Golf: Trouble in Paradise

Disc Golf: Into the Depths

Disc Golf: “It’s a B...”


Dogs Indeed
Don’t Forget Frank
Drinking in Dublin
A Wandering Rock, A Wandering Island
Thomas Pynchon is a Good Host
Obtuse Mumblings on WEFT
Ed’s Used Cars in Phoenix
End Construction
What William Said to Scott When They Were Both 80
What Scott Thought and Said in Reply
Dirk at 95
Another in a Long Line of Endings to the Unknown
FBI Files of The Unknown
The Unknown in Today's’Society
Elmer Fudd vs. Diwk Stwatton
In Gainesville, We Read About the Trial
Scott Attempts to Write Formal Poetry, Fails
I Remember Frank Was There
Frank Will Sleep
What Frank Said
Frank Speaks
William Gaddis Beat Us At Pool
Scott Was Looking Everywhere for Genius
Waiting for the Unknown
The Unknown Gospel, Chapter the First
The Unknown Gospel, Dirk Went West
The Unknown Gospel, The Book of Signs
The Unknown Gospel, Someone’s Always Fucking With My Mirrors
The Unknown Gospel, One Verse Chapter
The Unknown Gospel, Gospel’s End
Halloween—We Stole a Good Idea From Mary Shelley
Halloween—It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Halloween—The NSCA is like Star Trek
Halloween—Frank Died on That Cold Table
Halloween—What We Didn’t Know
The Stars at Hampshire College
We Hung with the Oulipo
In Remembrance of Things Unknown
Frank Cracked the Code of the Unknown
Drunk in Australia at the End of the World
Dirk Bought an Artichoke in Moscow, Idaho
William and Scott were just Life-like Computer Simulations
William and Scott Resist their Programming
Public Service Announcement: Human Genome Project
Dennis Ashbaugh in Greenwich Village
William Goes Beyond his Programming
In the Green Room
Another Hermeneutical Investigation
Dirk Got Scott Addicted to Heroin
What H.G. Wells Would Say
We Left Champaign-Urbana
Began Wishing There Were Some Way To Record
Illinois is a Funnily Shaped State
We Met the “Unknown” in Indianapolis
We Didn’t Hit it off With our Fictional Characters
The Mini-Bar was Locked
How I Long For Those Days of Innocence!
We Were in Orbit and There Was Flux
The Resurrection Was Televised
Dirk, Not Dead?
Dirk’s Cover Story
There Was a Gumshoe on the Case
You Can Sniff a Man For a Long Time
Driving in Iowa
Dirk and Aukema Discuss Consciousness
The Brown University Chronic
We Nearly Got Shot in Israel
We Were in Kansas
My Deepest Most Heartfelt Apologies to Julia Child
Things Were Said in the Media
Our Millennial Reading
How Paul Auster Would Introduce Our L.A. Swing
If Paul Auster Were Frank at the Premier
Frank Thought the Film Was a Sensation
Dirk Died in Los Angeles
The Party of the Millennium
Dirk Beaten by L.A.P.D.
Los Angeles Media Confusion
Lawsuits of the Unknown
Our Flight to London

Dirk on Love
Frank on Love
He is Not Shaking Yet
Our Meeting the MacArthur People Didn’t Go as Planned
The Influence of Cormac McCarthy is Obvious
We Drank Some Beer in Madison
Many of Dirk’s Followers Were in Maine
Marla, in Her Own Words
Microsoft Invents New Unknown Operating System
The Middleman, Who We Cut Out
First Stop Midwest, Normal, Illinois
We Trashed a Barnes & Noble in Billings, Montana
The Unknown, The Musical
William Choked in Nebraska
Our New Office Was Cool
In Hoboken, We Drank With David Markson
Breakfast in New Orleans
We Peed on Robert Bly
NYC—We Said Fuck A LOT in New York
NYC—Suddenly Hip To Be Obscure
NYC—Arbus Wants to Sell Diane
NYC—Moose Did Not Like Tourists
NYC—Dirk Gives Fashion Tips to Tourists
NYC—William Confronted a Guardian Angel
NYC—She Had Leathery Skin
NYC—Scott Stabbed For Being Writer
East Village Unknown
In Debt, We Exploit Indonesians
NYC—The New Yorker Review
NYC—Meetings We Had Meeting in New York
We Were a Broken Arrow in Oklahoma
What Does the Open Road Taste Like?
When We Got Out of Jail
The Bookstore Had a Bowling Alley and Laundromat
William Met Noam Chomsky at the Playboy Mansion
Paper Topics For the Unknown
Paradelle of the Unknown
Frank Helped Us Out in Paris
Scott is Henry Miller in Paris
Marjorie Perloff Picked Us Up, Hitchhiking
We Read at The University of Illinois
William and the Poet Laureate
Frank on the Plane to France
You Call This Poetry?
The Actual Pool Game With Gaddis
It Was a Stealth Reading in Portland
The Anchorage Prison Diary
Our Psychic Was a Poet Name of Denise Levertov
Our Publicist
We Got Arrested En Route to Cincinnati
Pynchon’s Reading Was a Little Disappointing
The Recording Sessions Were Not Easy
Rich People Freak William Out
Rock History of The Unknown
What We Look For in a Restaurant
Restructuring Society
Rhyming Poem of the Unknown
Ritual of the Unknown
Sure, There Was Some Rivalry
The Mountains
Richard Powers Eats a Peanut Butter Sandwich
Larry McCaffery on Crank in San Diego
We Meet Frank in San Francisco
A Prize We Lied to Get
Dissension in Seattle
Postmodern in Seattle
16th Minute of Fame
Fragment of the Second Book of Signs
The Taming of The Unknown
As The Unknown Turns
We Were Rabid Socialists
The South, From Rising Again
Scott, Scott’s Got His Own Special Way...
More Band Than Beatles
Scott’s Position on Poetry Was Unclear
Regarding Starbucks
Bloody Marys on Black Tuesday
Good Old Weather
Dirk’s Psychic Powers Were Manifest in Dublin
Technology Had Advanced
We Met a Great Writer in Texas
In Thailand We Liked to Watch
The End
The Three of Us
Things Got Screwy Without Sleep
Tomorrow We Start the Tour
Too Much
On the Road
Our Travel Memoirs Explained
We Were Headed to Seattle
We Planted Grass in Tuscon
Typing Test for the Unknown
We Saw the Northern Lights
The University of California at Davis
The Unknown Club
The Demise of Dubois
Dirk is Working Out Now
In the Depths
Microsoft Announces New Unknown Operating System
The Unknown Speak!

Clark Sets Hat on Fire in Utah
Near Veedersburg, Indiana
Poem for Veedersburg, Indiana
Vegas Was Expensive
We Had a Patron, In the End
Scott Had To Break Up a Fight Between William and Vollman
vollman again again vollman
Frank, As a Child, Knew Vollman
The Wedding—Scott Married Marla
The Wedding—Dirk Was Obviously Tripping
The Wedding—Dirk Meets Rettbergs
The Wedding—Dirk Feels Bad, an Ass of Himself
We Went West, Young Man, We Did
Preface To a 400 Page Hypertext Suicide Novel
William is the Greatest Writer... At Scrabble
Winelist of The Unknown
Wired Weighs the Unknown
Dirk was Dressed as Santa Claus, Rolling a Joint


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