The Unknown: The Purple Line.

Unknown 1000 Words

unknown just wrote a poem and
unknown just took a dump and
unknown just washed its car and
unknown just fucked itself and
unknown ain't got no friends and
unknown wants to save the world and
unknown says leave me alone my hearing aid is dead and
unknown says respect my intellectual property rights and
unknown says i'm tired right now i don't want to go out for last call
unknown says hiss keep away from my litter box and
unknown just want to party she want to disco all she wants to do is all
she wants to do is and unknown they say the value of writing lies somewhere in the words and
unknown they never learned you how to write fiction good them teachers and
unknown can't spell for shit and
unknown can't stick to a vegetarian diet and
unknown think lit is two thirds fiction and (at most) one third poetry and
unknown ain't got no class and
unknown all out of ice cream and
unknown ain't got no money and
unknown know what they say anyway and
unknown with whipped cream and a cherry on top and
unknown with your mama and a side of cole slaw
unknown stop me right here this has gone far enou
unknown with a name, unknown with a style manual, and
unknown got to clean them litter boxes and
unknown ain't got no life no how and
unknown is abusing the network plain and simple and
unknown gonna give that guy at the bookstore a wedgie and
unknown say welcome to the hotel unknown and
unknown shook me all night long and rock me like a hurricane and
unknown has six testicles, nine if you include Frank and
unknown got me jack shit for Christmas and
unknown ain't running for congress and unknown ain't letting in no steenking weapons inspectors and
unknown just took a call on its cell phone right in the middle of a
chapter and
unknown exchanges hushed advice with its lawyers and
unknown ain't got words for the atrocities it intends to commit in the
name of some awful godless "literature" and
unknown never made it into Harpers and
unknown ain't no fucking Lewis Lapham groupie nohow and
unknown rumored to have slept with Mick Jagger and
unknown says where is my 40 acres of Borrego and a J? and
unknown says the revolution is yesterday sister and
unknown gonna moon you just when you least expect it to and
unknown someday in a Tokyo music stand finds bootleg issues of its own real
audio with bizarre, misleading packaging in fractured English and
unknown says take your Nobel Prize and shove it where the sun don't shine
which ain't Borrego by the way where the sun shines plenty and
unknown just about through for tonight and unknown just want to thank my people and all the people who weren't my
people and all the rock stars for making the world a more decadent place
and all the filmmakers for reinforcing a grabbag of easy-to-fall-back-on
cliches and all the television producers for mentioning our hypertext
novel on every fucking tv show ever broadcast including cable and frank
sinatra for drinking booze and smoking instead of learning how to sing and
all the frogs for writing stuff with big words and all the krauts for
inventing new methods of torture and our enemies and their enemies and
may they all be exiled to some awful desert not Borrego
unknown you light up my life
unknown just the five of us we can make it if we try and
unknown get me a martini, stirred not shaken—james bond was full of shit
—and if you use a garlic press then garlic is too good for you and
unknown in tokyo again with a small basket of fish heads, sucking out the
eyeballs is the best part and
unknown is this thing on and
unknown you got two seconds to tell me where you were last night or i'm
calling the police and
unknown please excuse me while i sing this song and
unknown to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes and
unknown for $500 a night plus expenses make that $5000 fuckit this is my
poem and unknown, there but for the grace of our mentors go we and

unknown makes you larger and

unknown make you small and

the books that teacher gives you

don't do any thing at all


go ask frank


when he's ten feet tall

logic and proportion, excuse me unknown, can you please explain your classical symmetry to me, your closure, because I don't see how this thing counts as a monolithic edifice of encyclopaedaic thought and a testament to the enduring arrogance of mankind /// unknown samizdat clandestine cybertext distributed through the web. unknown translated into Russian despite censors. unknown on a train in from Finland, expecting to be arrested at the border, instead arrives to a cheering crowd of readers, and the unknown give an impromptu reading there in the train station at Petrograd. unknown rumored to have a detached look about it, a neck like a bull, the mild demeanor of a smalltown tailor, but with a twinkle, genuinely affectionate and vulnerable yet unwavering, turning aside all comforts lest they distract it from the movement, the unknown stayed on the run escaping from Siberia twice once getting back to Finland by convincing a peasant to send him in an email.

unknown, when the stars fall from the sky/for you and me
unknown why don't you see how they run like pigs from a gun see how they
fly i'm crying and
unknown sitting on a cornflake and
unknown i wish i was a kellogg's cornflake and unknown nothing to do to save his life call his wife in and
unknown we should never have smoked in certain cars and unknown we should never have never have





novel META
al bull
shit sort of
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ary corr
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