1987 William Gillespie, a webmaster at the University of Illinois living in Champaign, was one of a trio of writers who performed an interactive reading of their hypertext novel The Unknown (www.soa.uc.edu/user/unknown) at the Harold Washington Public Library in

Chicago in October. A review in the Chicago Tribune noted, "The event was raw, uneven, a trifle disorganized and initially a bit confusing. But no matter: The Unknown reading perhaps heralds a new kind of performance art, one that puts the audience members in the front seat, instead of sticking them in the back and telling ’em to shut up and enjoy the scenery." Before launching into The Unknown, the authors briefly read selections from their topical poetry Web site, www.newspoetry.com. "The poems proved one thing: Hypertext gimmicks aside, these guys can really write," the Tribune concluded.

Fall/Winter 1999-2000