The Unknown: The Purple Line.

W.hy couldn't the Unknown be more like Marx & Engels?

They were uncompromising and stuck together through thick and thin, exile excommunication and starvation

And man we're pretty nineteenth century. For a website

I'd say the Unknown is a product of the Enlightenment. At least as much Enlightenment as Postmodernism. It was all about the Scientific Man, Collaborative Man, Decadent Man

Marx and Engels were about immortality, different from celebrity. In fact they hated their contemporaries and discredited them with the most snotty invective. No partying with Plimpton, they would have taken him to task for his liberal promotion of bland poetry through his organ the Paris Review

We should have repudiated and excoriated Plimpton with the pertinacity and perspicacity of indefatigable troglodytes

Such as the time Federman went to a kareoke bar to denounce us and we didn't even show up because we were off blowing a hooter with our people in Eggo

Hypertext theorists have only interpreted hypertext in various ways. The point is to change it.

Kicked out of the midwest, constantly on the run from police and landlords, lodged like a bullet in the abdomen of the bourgeoisie

We should have dissolved the Alt-X International

Disbanded Eastgate when it threatened to get out of our control

And sent each other money so we could write our masterworks

Because we are right and those other fuckers are all wrong

Sort of like Marx and Engels

Except Marx and Engels were a Genius towering like a genius among geniuses of the Age of Geniuses and we, we are a rock band, like a mushroom cowering among geniuses in the age of postgenius

But we stuck together to write our epic of Hypertext Theory and none of our kids died of malnutrition and there's something to be said for that anyway I always saw us as more of a Freud

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