The Unknown: The Orange Line.
Reader Critique

To: William Gillespie
From: Scott Rettberg
Date: September 26, 1994
Story: Love Letters in a Post-Punk Conundrum

Bill (may I call you Bill—I don’t know your monicker—William?)—Wow! I don’t quite know how to respond to this—don’t get me wrong—I’m sure I’ll babble in class. Definitely not conventional—so the conventional apparatus(es?) of criticism D/N/A. Lovely non-sequiturs (most of them—some of them are just confusing perhaps not rich). I’ll just write here what I am thinking as I reread the experience in no particular order—I love the concept in general. Calls to mind in a theoretical framework Lyotard—Driftworks.

  • First page Jeani Jeani ad infinitum. Houndstooth palindrome caps ­ pass me the valium, Irma, may ratchets are all mixed up again. What? Lovely. You plural? Huh. But aha, the retreat to the conventional metaphor. In the last 5 sentences from wild radish to Dickinson (Emily) and a host of others breezes in my sail. The wind beneath my—

  • Xavier: Begin to think, ah yes, an illegal orgy story. Maybe dinner did it. Nonmonogamy—cool concept. Less metaphoric—more logical. Discernably different voice? I’m not sure (this is probably important) but at least somewhat so.

  • Celiba: Lamest name so far though pretty-sounding. Prefer dialogue? Perhaps monologue. Again different voice—good. But enough? More systemic, theory driven. Ah, but we slip into the Williamesque metaphor freckles bounce from sheets. Starting to look for the straight man, the still point in the whirlpool. I think we need one.

  • Ahoy there: Straighter. Un autre theorist. Deluze? Math? Renaissance? Aha—you do want to be the Renaissance man. Can you play cello while scratching quantum physical equations in the wood while writing a sonnet to your mother explaining why you haven’t called in iambic pentameter?—Gravity is a tremendous metaphor for desire, you bastard.

  • Dear Jeani: Eco-metonomy. The trial? The Trial? Joseph K.?

  • Hey Aegie: People like us? Pirates of what sort?

  • Xavier: Is Jeani Aegi—are they both in jail? Plot doesn’t matter but it does?

  • They don’t like text: aha—Metafucktion

  • Pirate: Strangness, exile, solemnity, letters

  • So Aegis: Genet again. Aha—it all becomes clear. Great ride: text, emptiness, non-ness, human interaction, futility, play, Substance?

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