The Unknown: The Blue Line.

Here’s what the critics are saying about The Unknown:

“…genuinely multisequential and massively rich in story material…”
—Robert Coover

London Independent

“…these guys can really write.”
—Julia Keller, Chicago Tribune

“…a classic…”
—Jennifer Ley, Pif Magazine

“a ‘monsterpiece’”
—Tom LeClair, University of Cincinnati

“…a uniquely personal encounter with a medium that is usually about alienation…”
—Nick Montfort, Technology Review

“…very well-written and lively…”
— Neal Pollack, Encyclopedia Brittanica

“…the novel holds its own against anything in the growing genre of electronic literature…”
—Brad Quinn, CityBeat

“…new and important…”
—Eastgate Reading Room

“…really hysterical…”
—Eirikur Hallgrimsson



The Unknown: An Anthology

Subject: I may be a moron, but i’m a moron who loves The Unknown

Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 06:01:25 EDT


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I am wondering does The Unknown: An Anthology actually exist in some kind of quantifiable way that maybe I could even touch or have in my possession, or is it just a big joke like Sid Finch or Infinite Jest the entertainment cartridge or God or something. I actually went to Acapella Books in Little Five Points in Atlanta, and they said they never heard of you and that you couldn’t have had an appearance there in the last five years (it says you did have a reading there on the bookstores page, though what date I do not know), and i’m like why would you make that up, but actually still use a real bookstore name and location and actually thank them and make them look good in public? with love and thorough confusion, Adam Waldorf p.s. if said anthology does exist any information on ordering would be appreciated.

Q: Why should you publish a book by three Unknown authors?

A: Although the book is not yet published, it has already been successfully marketed. The Unknown: An Anthology is the central plot device of The Unknown: a hypertext novel, the esteemed and often-cited winner of the 1998 trAce/altX Hypertext Contest, judged by eminent novelist Robert Coover. In the past year, the Unknown has given over 20 readings at universities, bars, bookstores, George Plimpton’s apartment, and academic conferences as prestigious as the MLA, AWP, and DAC. The Unknown is read by millions the world over and is becoming more popular every day. It’s a lofty claim, but we have the web server stats to prove it!

You should publish our book because we are already in the canon.


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