The Unknown: The Orange Line.
  Date: Wednesday, 9 December 1998, 17:15:49
To: The Unknown List
From: Brian Hagemann
Subject: Re: Thoughts on Redesign

a couple of other issues to consider when redesigning the pages and random thoughts and ideas:

it really would be better to name your pages .html instead of .htm. .html IS the standard though many have acquieced to Windows/DOS limitations and begrudgingly allow .htm. Many servers (such as ours for example) looks for .html automatically and has to be specially configured to use .htm (for default pages and such)

how about some folders/subdirectories? The root folder of the website has over 425 items now. Surely it could be logically organized into sections...
in order to stream realaudio, you need a realaudio server. I’m not sure, but I think I may have access to one. I’ll get back to you on this. In the meantime, it should download properly, if not let me know and I’ll fix the mime type settings. Quicktime 4.0 which should be out in January will also support streaming audio/video and is something to watch for.

DON'T EVER USE MS FRONTPAGE to design web pages! (why? just check and you’ll know)

we NEED a starting page, a HOME page if you will. This could be a way to guide people better to various sections of the unknown. It should be named default.html and thus accessed by this could be used to define/describe the redline/blueline/brownline etc.... in a much more graphically interesting and compelling way. I KNOW there could be some suggestion that a starting page is moot within a hypertext experiment of this sort, but come on.... Also, a homepage could really evolve into a hub of many different experiences like the lines do now. I got some other ideas for this (scott remember the Gus homepage???)

I WILL TRY to get get to those graphics adjustments real soon now. After Friday, I won’t have to deal with those pesky students in the office and I can utilize my worktime to work on the Unknown. (a much more productive use of public money don’t you think?)

Scott... I’ll get a zip disk or 2 from Dirk and fill them up with shareware goodies for you. If you haven’t already—upgrade to OS 8.5!! It’s a killer upgrade and as Stevie boy (jobs) has said its like getting a new computer for $99. Much better than buying a $129 game of computer solitaire (Windows 98) from what I’ve heard.

(hey william thanks for the ecofiction references... the ecofiction pages will be up around the first of the year)


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